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College can be a scary and daunting thing for many children. The leap from school to college is quite a big one in so many ways.

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   First of all you have a lot more freedom. Your timetable and routine isn't set to the rigid 9-3 like when at school. It isn't set to certain break and lunch times, you don't have to stay on the school premises for breaks, you also don't have to wear a uniform. For many students this is great but for others this can be a little scary, like a loss of comfort.


   It is also very different at college than it is at school because you make the choices. You choose which subjects you want to study, and even though in the final years of school you do get your options, at college it is 100% your choice all the way.


   College is the next step into adulthood. You’re one step closer to full time employment and the responsibilities of real like. Many students will also have part time work to add onto responsibilities. 


   At college you are treated more like an adult from the staff. There are no detentions but at the same time you won't get away with anything any more than at school. If you don't do the work you don't benefit. You have to manage your time and use the support and resources or it is no ones fault but your own. Your education is solely in your hands.


   When you start college you go from being the oldest group of the school and knowing the ins and outs of the place and the structure, to being the youngest and least familiar. That can be very scary to many students. 


The transition to college doesn't need to be a scary or daunting one, there is so much support out there to help you to make the best decisions and be as comfortable and happy in your new educational establishment as possible. Here at YM College Resources we are dedicated to providing students with the advice and information that they need for a smooth transition to college. Here are some of the services that we provide:


Course lists

We have a fully inclusive list of all courses that run in your area. If you are set that you want to study Psychology for example, we can give you the course breakdowns including modules, timetables, examination types etc. so that you can compare and make a great decision as to where to study. 


Open day and tours

We know the times and dates of all open days in your area. We can also help to arrange meetings and interviews with members of staff as well as tours of the colleges. 


Interview advice

We help you to prepare your personal statements, CV's and give you the right tips and advice on how to approach your interview.


If you are feeling worried about your transition to college, or you simply want to know how you can get the most out of the move then get in touch with our team now!


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TestimonialsGeorge Hoffman

YM College Resources really helped me to prepare for college. I got really good grades during K-12 but I had no idea how to do my personal statement, what classes to take or which college to choose and YM College Resources guided me through all of it!

TestimonialsLucy Eggleton

I'm finishing school this year and am struggling to make some decisions about college. I'm nervous as it'll be so different to school. I have got a great info pack from YM College Resources which is helping so far and I'm feeling more prepared everyday. 

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